5 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Motorcycle

Buying a Motorcycle

If you are looking to buy a motorcycle in the near future, this is obviously an exciting time and there are many things to consider. The size and style of the bike and whether to buy a new or used machine are things to think about and in this article, we offer a few mistakes to avoid when purchasing a motorcycle.

  1. Overspending – It is oh so easy to end up with a superbike that you can’t really afford; every rider wants the best bike and there are some amazing bikes full of tech options. The best solution is to work out a monthly figure that you can afford and don’t look at bikes that are above your price range.
  2. Failing to check out the competition – There are many bike manufacturers and each has an impressive catalog of machines; making a decision after test riding a single bike might lead to regret when you see some of the other bikes of that size and style. Aside from the major Japanese bike brands, there are others; check out the range of Mutt bikes from Wheels Motorcycles, a leading UK bike dealership.
  3. Too much power – If you are a beginner, you should avoid buying a very powerful bike, as this can easily lead to an accident. Start with a 125-250cc bike until you get some riding experience and then move up to the 600cc range and then you can start looking at 1000cc superbikes. We recommend taking a course on basic motorcycle riding before you get out on the road, as this will give you the essential riding skills you need for safe riding.
  4. Self-servicing – Unless you happen to be an experienced bike mechanic, you should leave the maintenance to a bike dealership. If you buy a new bike, the dealer has to service the bike, otherwise your warranty could be void. Not servicing the bike is not an option, as a breakdown is likely; make sure the bike is serviced according to the mileage intervals. Click here for how to sort out motorcycle insurance online.
  5. Buying from a private seller – There are risks when you buy a used bike from a private seller; sold as seen is the usual deal and if you are not clued up on mechanics, you could end up with a dud. When you buy a used bike from a leading UK bike dealership, you have the security of a warranty; every used machine comes with a warranty, which is comforting.

Online solutions enable you to preview all the major manufacturers and whether you’re looking for a starter 125cc bike, a mid-range 600cc machine, or a superbike, you can find some great deals on new and used bikes. It might take you a while to obtain the Class A license, which is what you need to climb aboard a 150HP superbike, but you’ll have a lot of fun on the way. Always obey the speed limits, ride safely and you will enjoy many years on two wheels.

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