Best 5 Places to Watch Your Grenade spots dust 2

Best Grenade Spot - Dust 2

Grenade spots dust 2 Since the launch of CS: GO in 2012, it has been developed and refined into a brand new game that keeps the core mechanics intact.

While the core mechanics of CS:GO are based on accuracy and determining when and where to fire on the map, one of the biggest drivers of this mechanic is the grenades used in the game.

Dust 2 is Dust, the very popular Counter-Strike map. Although Counter-Strike 1.6 is still a work in progress, Dust 2 was created as a more refined and improved version of its predecessor. It has quickly become the most popular map on the internet and remains one of the most played maps among FPS fans around the world.

What are the top spots to throw grenades in CS: GO map Dust 2?

Since the 2017 revamp of Dirt 2, the range of some of the most popular grenades in the game has changed. In this article, we recommend the five best grenade locations on the Dirt 2 map in CS: GO. If the grenades are timed correctly, you can win more battles and take out more enemies in these five locations.
As of T (Terrorist) Spawn, the path from the archway leading to the Terrorist to the A site is called A Long.

5. Towards A Long

Novice or novice players tend to rush into their positions without using a grenade. But at the higher and professional level, dry would only get the ultimate punishment.

Therefore, in order to safely see the anti-terrorist property of A Long, the terrorist must first start flashing while running from T Spawn to A Long. Not only does this allow enemies to blink, but it also prevents your teammates from blinking, allowing for a smooth transition to Aaron.

4. Smoking off CT cross

Even if the terrorists take control of Aaron, they still have to go through the CT (Counter-Strike) Spawn to get into A. Although he can only run long distances, he is extremely dangerous. Anyone with a CT scan gets a wide angle, which captures anyone passing by.

So, to keep the aim safe, the player simply stands next to the cannon and shoots smoke, as shown in the video.

3. New Car molly

Since the Dust revamp in CS:GO, the new parking lot has been exploited by players as it provides hidden cover for A Long players.

So clearing this location is one of the most important things to do before trapping or capturing bomb point A. It can be easily cleared by placing an incendiary or incendiary bomb from A Long.

If a CS:GO player stands on top of a long barrel and throws Molotov cocktails, lined up as shown in the image below, he can easily spread fire to the vehicle’s new location and knock out hidden players. Players simply walk in and throw molotov cocktails and let it work its magic.

2. T Spawn to A Short smoke

In order for players to pass the A Short on Dust 2 map in CS: GO, they must first smoke on the sidewalk so that opponents do not smell the player’s crash. To do this, the player must first stand in the position shown in the image below.

CS:GO players should then set up the reticle and jump as shown to effectively absorb the enemy’s vision.

1. Mid to B smoke

If a CS:GO player wants to go to the B bomb point under the overhang, there will always be a player ready to counter them with B bullets and CT Spawn. In order to eliminate the possibility of being hit by CT Spawn, the player must first jump onto the platform and then onto the chest.

CS: GO players must then place their goal lines at this specific location.

is set up, all CS:GO players have to do is jump and throw smoke bombs. This will completely eliminate the Counter-Strike that inhabits the CT Spawn, forcing them to come out of the shadows and take out the terrorists.

Players can also try other game modes.

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