Rent a suv in Merida

Merida is one of the most visited cities in Mexico. The white city as it is also called is built on the remains of the ancient Mayan city. Nestled in the heart of this ancient Mayan civilization, Merida can be the starting point for wonderful attractions on the Riviera Maya.
To get around all these adventures it is best to rent a Suv in Merida. An SUV is the best car for a number of reasons, including comfort and safety.

With a suv you can move around all areas, from mountainous areas, intricate areas in the jungle, dusty roads, swampy areas … A suv has the advantage of four-wheel drive, which together with the power of the engine makes you able to access the most difficult to reach areas. Potholes in the road will be child’s play, as will puddles or mud.
On the beaches of the Riviera Maya coast, such as Tulum or Playa del Carmen or Cancun itself, the relief is sandy and in the steepest areas of the coast you will find a very rocky area with steep slopes and irregular terrain, so more convenient to visit these places is a Suv.

Rent a Jeep in Merida

If it is a Suv, the car par excellence is the Jeep. More recent models such as the Jeep Renegade is one of the most demanded in this area, with its automatic transmission, its 4-wheel drive, together with the comfort of its interior with music player, air conditioning and other accessories makes your trip an experience like no other.

Hire a GPS to travel around the Mayan Riviera
If you decide to travel through the most intricate areas of the Riviera Maya, it is recommended that you include a GPS among the accessories when renting your suv in Merida. The GPS will help you to orient yourself, determine the best routes, the ones with the least traffic. This way you will never feel lost.

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