5 Advantages of Working with an Egg Donation and Surrogacy Center

Working with an Egg Donation and Surrogacy Center

Are you and your partner considering surrogacy but unsure whether you should work with an egg donation and surrogacy center? A few intended parents do attempt the process alone, but there are potential pitfalls that you might experience when you don’t have agency representation.

When you work with a surrogacy agency such as Rite Options, you will be supported throughout the process. We will match you with the most suitable surrogate and guide you through legal hurdles and help you address sensitive issues.

Here are Just a Few Advantages of Working at an Egg Donation and Surrogacy Center:

State-Specific Legal Assistance

Surrogacy laws vary in each state for both the intended parents as well as the surrogate. Some factors that can complicate matters include whether the couple is legally married, is the couple genetically related to the offspring, is a sperm or egg donor or both being used, etc.

Requirements for gestational surrogacy also vary from state to state. As intended parents, it helps to know where your surrogate resides to fulfill legal requirements such as listing both the parents’ names on the birth certificate.

Understanding legal issues for successful surrogacy is especially important for gay couples. The entire process is simpler and much smoother if gay surrogacy couples work with a surrogacy agency experienced in traversing gay surrogacy matters.

Quality Surrogacy Candidates

At Rite Options, our focus is on providing the best surrogacy candidates to start your family. We use a well-established and proven recruitment process to create a pool of suitable surrogates. This helps us create ideal matches between intended parents and surrogates. In a majority of cases, we can find you a match within a few weeks.

Exceptional Advice, Support, and Referrals

As one of the leading surrogacy agencies, we connect intended parents with a network of industry professionals and support agents to guide them in all areas of their surrogacy journey.

At Rite Options, we work with you from the start of your surrogacy up until the birth of your baby. We have a team of experienced obstetricians/gynecologists, social workers/psychologists, support, and administrative staff who will work closely with you.

Assistance with Hospital and Pregnancy Arrangements

An egg donation and surrogacy center can guide you and the surrogate during the entire process. We work closely with both parties to share valuable information, check-in regularly, and provide professional representation. About halfway through the journey, we will discuss your delivery plan, make necessary hospital arrangements, and even arrange a visit to the hospital’s maternity ward.


From conception to birth, several issues may arise for both intended parents and the surrogate. Either side might not feel comfortable bringing these issues up. A Rite Options agency case manager is your go-between person. He or she will navigate sensitive issues for both sides with concern and tact.

One of these concerns might be negotiating contracts and payments. Your case manager can ease much of this tension by bringing payment terms and agreements to light.

Want to work with the best egg donation and surrogacy center? Contact Rite Options.

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