5 Best Way To Cure From Impotency And ED Problem

male impotency problem

In men faced impotency problem with erectile dysfunction problem when testosterone level goes down and blockages in penis vessels because when men get sexually engaged with partner brain can release the chemical which can boost up the blood in penis vessels that why get an erection for long and hard but in some cases penis not get fully erect and soft one that is a to consider erection dysfunction problem which required to treatment from medication, meditation through.




It is the best recommendation method which can prefer most of the men who want to cure of this erection problem because of it is cheapest and results show instantly there are most of the knew if erection problem there is a pill available which world called viagra but due to high cost no one prefers that but there is an alternative option available which has a generic viagra which has come with the same formulation used (sildenafil citrate) which increases the blood flow in the penis and take it before the sexual activities. In the current period of time there few branded pill available which can doctor prescribed most (fildena, cenforce, and Kamagra) but there are fildena 150 sale and kamagra oral jelly are most demand due to fast result.


In past studies there are men take lots of stress in mind rather than women because of a different kind of responsibilities handle like families, work, wealth and financial problem facing that is why there are 10 out 5 men are faced erection problem due to psychological way only. Men can counsel their self to psychologist doctor who can give the best treat how to come over for their stress and anxiety problem.  But recent studies conduct after many counseling there hard to bring confidence for that required generic pill which can best way to come out with anxiety performance problems as well. 


In men, testosterone is keeping men active, young and fit which is called men’s human hormones which can produce in men testicles and testosterone maintains the sex drive and keep them active in it. Who men are facing low testosterone in the body they can face impotency, erection problem, in young age white hair, and facing other issues there are many medicines available that can boost testosterone but that can slow and not sure it is a steady one. There are testosterone replacement therapy available where men can replace testosterone


Lifestyle is a major impact on the human body and over men, it can impact on first erection if you are taking too much cholesterol in your food, no workout and take stress frequently those all can impact on your body which put you over erectile dysfunction, obesity, and high cholesterol problem and also other diseases enter also like diabetes, hypertension kind of permanent disease enter which required control and pill all time.  For all of these required change lifestyle like diet food like which has no fats in foods, daily workout at least 3o minutes which has to include walking, swimming, jumping rope and other workouts.  And yoga is the best way to get reduce and maintain fats in the body so you can do that weekend of relaxing the mind and body.


If men have an erection no way to cure of above solution there is the only solution available which surgery and it is little complication way to get success in some cases because of a doctor can fit the rode in your penis side which can fold up while sexual activities and normal time men can fold-down that there is not sensation feel in the penis.

Conclusion:-  Erectile dysfunction can happen most of the bad of food and lifestyle living and which can lead quick erection problem. In current time there are young men who have 20 to 30 age of group who can suffer ed problem they have also focus on lifestyle and stress relief.

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