Beautiful high altitude lake treks in India


 The Key to nature’s treatment is feeling like a tiny part of it, not rule over it. All the lakes that do not desire to be ocean blessed are the ones that provide you peaceful aura that relieves you from pain and anxieties. A moment after it’s missed cannot be recovered. Also, life is too short to wake up with regrets, guilts, and apologies. so take out some time for yourself and plan the trip to these astonishing high altitude lakes. If you get a chance take it maybe you relish the lessons more than the journey. These are bucket lists of sights to behold.

  • Chandratal Lake – Chandratal Lake is a turquoise blue magnificent gem in the Lahul and Spiti districts. It is one of the serendipity locations for trekkers and campers. It is situated at an altitude of 4250 m. It is mostly visited in June and September. The route that Chandra took from Baralacha La Pass to Chandra Taal is followed by several trekkers. The locals witness the lake to be blessed and visited by fairies at night. The meadows are carpeted with a variety of wildflowers that will immerse you in the opulent beauty of this place. You will be amused and overwhelmed with the romantic aura of this moon-shaped lake.
  • Suraj Tal – The reservoir in Lahaul is also the third highest lake in India and secures 21st place among the world’s highest lakes. Suraj Tal is the main origin of the Bhaga River, which unites the Chandra River downstream at Tandi, Lahaul. The temperature here drops up to minus 30 degrees even during summers. Moreover, the sceinic beauty mesmerizes the visitors perhaps it is the refreshing sight in one’s journey. The sheer beauty of the place is enough to make every ascent and descent worth it. 
  • Roopkund – The mysterious lake is located at an altitude of 15,700 ft in Uttrakhand. The trek is an invigorating expedition from the high altitude region of Lohajung, in the Chamoli district of Uttrakhand. The trail for the trek that leads to the glacial Roopkund lake also overlaps with a religious pilgrimage of Nanda Devi. The lake is home to the skeletal remains of countless humans and animals which are visible when the snow melts. 
  • Bhrigu Lake Trek – One touch of heaven makes the whole world kin. Bhrigu Lake is a serene lake that is located in the Kullu district. The holy saint Maharishi Bhrigu used to meditate at this place. The valley changes its texture, color, the weather during the trail. It is a dramatic trail. The trek will give you total peace. so feel blessed to be a part of this journey. Get ready to escape to the mountains and create your own stories.
  • Brahmatal Lake – At an astonishing altitude of 12,250 ft the snow cladding summit is always on the top preference of the itinerants. You do not have to wait for winter to trek at this summit. The trek begins from Lohajung. It is ideally completed within 6 days. On reaching the pinnacle you can adore Trishul and Nandaghuti peaks also. The view is panoramic that takes your breath away. so go there before the snow melts. make your overnight stay in a camping tent for a mesmerizing experience. 
  • Great Lake Trek – The heavenly paradise is the heartbeat of Jammu & Kashmir. En route to this journey before you rush out of time. Witness the blend of beauty and difficulty during the trail. Sit in the lap of nature spend some quality time for a spellbound experience. We assure you that the place will steal your heart. So experience the most humble kind of travel.
  • Dodital Lake – Have you ever seen nature picking up its paint and brush? If not, you must visit this fascinating delight of Uttrakhand to witness the beauty of the landscape. This emerald largest lake is the birthplace of Lord Ganesha. It is nestled amidst a high mountain at an altitude of 3310 meters. It has an excellent backdrop of mountains, lush green carpets grass, and the sound of echoing river murmuring through your ears.
  • Chadar Trek – chadar Trek forms a blanket of ice over the Zanskar river. It is the world’s coldest trek where every step and every breath matters. Some experiences stay with you forever so go and recollect the memories.

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