Advantages of renting a car in Panama

renting a car

Panama is one of the most visited destinations in all of Central America. Several reasons lead to this result, on the one hand this country has a wonderful diversity of flora and fauna with exotic and picturesque landscapes. There is also the famous Panama Canal, a marvel of civil engineering that connects the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, through which much of the world trade passes.

On the other hand, Panama is a shopping destination, thanks to its duty-free free zone, which offers exclusive prices for merchants and businesses throughout the region.

Taking into account all these aspects, if you are traveling as a tourist to Panama, or for business, the most reasonable thing to do is rent a car.

Renting a car will provide you with comfort and safety, in addition to being able to visit various destinations and thus optimize your trip

Here is a list of tips to rent a car in Panama

  • If what you are looking for are cheaper prices to rent a car in Panama, it is best to compare different companies online, check the deals that these companies offer and travel in low season, which is much cheaper because there is less demand.
  • You must bring your credit card to make an initial deposit as guarantees against accidents, theft or any other type of incident. This will also help you pay the full amount of the rent
  • Verify that there are no hidden taxes: some companies usually charge taxes that do not appear initially on the reservation form and you will be surprised when you pay the final amount of the rent. Some of these taxes are taxes for extra services, road taxes, airport taxes – in case you rent from a company inside the airport.
  • Check the reviews of previous clients
  • Acquire an insurance package that guarantees safety on your trip. Keep in mind that your credit card can cover part of this insurance, so check with your credit card company to check if it covers part of the car rental insurance and if that applies in Panama

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