Har Ki Dun: River, Mountains & the Magic of Valleys



 Notriphobia means the fear of not having any trip books yet. Traveling is the password to relax your soul and escape from this phobia. Here comes a perfect option to plan a trip to Har Ki Dun and discover the majestic beauty of this paradise. 



Har Ki Dun will remind you of your nostalgic moment due to its cradle–shaped structure. The paradise is located in the Garhwal region of Uttrakhand. It is a popular place when it comes to trekking. You gain a chance to experience an ancient culture, watch snow–covered summits, rivers, streams, lush green meadows and enjoy camping too. The valley is tucked with dense pine forests and rare species of flora and fauna. It is a trek of moderate level even beginners can go here for trekking. Most trekkers make the mistake that they end their journey at Har ki Dun without going to Ruinsara. Ruinsara lake is a peaceful delight to cherish. So wanderlust plans a trip with your squad and begins this trip – A Trip to the heavenly abode. 


Best Time to visit – 

Each season has its delight. The place is perfect to travel during all the seasons except in monsoon season because you might not exposure to all the activities moreover you will also face difficulty during trekking.


Trekking Route – 

You will have to follow this map because this is one of the most preferred and safest routes. you need not worry because the route is not tricky also, you won’t need a guide to assist you during your journey. 

Day 1 – 

Dehradun to Sankri 

  • Distance – 200 km
  • Time took – 9 hours 

Day 2 – 

 Sankri to Taluka – Seema

  • Distance – 12 km
  • Time took – 9 hours 

Day 3 – Seema Bridge – Har Ki Dun 

  • Distance – 12 Km
  • Time took – 2-3 hours

Day 4 – Har Ki Dun – Ruinsara Taal 


About the Journey – 

Once you begin your Journey from the Sankri Village. You will witness the majestic Himalayan peaks, Grasslands, camping sites, waterfalls, trenches, and meadows each view complimenting each other under the vibrant sky. you might face difficulty while passing the steep slopes. Be cautious whenever you cross each step. well, you also get plenty of options to refrain from boredom like you can either listen to music, crack jokes, stay in cafes, camping tents and if you are on a solo trip carry novels along with you but once you climb up at some distance you gradually start falling into the magical views of valleys and the slight sound of the waterfall captivates your attention and the melodious voice boosts you to cross the path. 


                       A Glimpse of Har ki Dun Trek and Ruinsara Taal – 


It is a remarkable feeling when you reach the top of the summit. It is not less an achievement. The whole view from the top is spectacular. you can see the Bandarpooch and Black peak from this summit. The snow-capped mountains touching the zenith height of the sky spreading vibrant shades in the sky. sink in the peaceful aura of the place, close your eyes sit on the lush green bedsheet, feel the bliss in the lap of nature and recall your journey relish the journey you came across till now. It is a beautiful piece of heaven of the earth altogether. However, you also get a chance to watch the play of mist covering the sky and suddenly getting disappeared. This play is worth watching. 


Make a space for you, feel the bliss of camping and enjoy the delicious food along with hot coffee or tea. This hits like a different feeling. You will feel like dancing after this joyous excursion.

The place offers you a chance to play with snow. You can play snow games with your companions. It is an antidote to your tiredness. 


Yes, wanderlusts are you bolt from the blue? well, let’s reveal the surprise Ruinsara trail is your next destination. Do not head back to your basecamp . one must complete their journey at Ruinsara so carry your bags and trekking poles to Ruinsara and embrace the beauty and serenity of the lake. It can be a perfect option for your picnic. spend your quality time near the lake and make new memories to relish. 


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