Different Sofa Set Designs to Embrace Your Space

Different Sofa Set Designs to Embrace Your Space

April 13, 2021

The sofa set is the focal point of living space, attracting the instant attention of your family and friends. A lot can happen on a couch, from hearty conversations with your friends, watching a family movie, or simply curl up with your coffee and book. Invest in a sofa set design that highlights your taste and showcases your style. Over the years the sofa designs have undergone a sea of transformation to match different interior decors. Let’s explore some design themes that you can use next time when you contemplate changing your sofa.

  1. 1. Club Sofa: A classic English sofa design that personifies the British countryside style the best. It has a characteristic rolled backrest with tight cushions with sunken arms and short study legs.
  2. Section Sofa: It is one of the most modern-style sofa designs. As the name indicates you have different sections or pieces, mostly ranging from three, five, or even seven. You can organize these pieces in different configurations the most common being L-shape and U -Shape. If your living space has an empty corner, try to fill it with an l shaped sofa set.
  3. Camel Back Sofa: The back of the sofa has a tight camel-like hump, and that’s how it takes its name. The legs of the sofa are exposed and it usually doesn’t have cushioned back making it an ideal choice for seating for a lounge room or just before the entrance into the hall.
  4. Tuxedo Sofa: This sophisticated design is inspired by the name of a town in New York, Tuxedo Park. The characteristic feature of this design has equal-length arms and a backrest. You will find these commonly at waiting areas of offices or doctors. It’s a good choice to place this in your reading room since it’s broad enough to curl up comfortably.
  1. Lawson Sofa: When comfort meets style, this model comes into existence. This model of sofa set is usually referred to as a box sofa for its box-like appearance. It’s high on comfort and there are several colors and make available in the market.
  2. Recliner Sofa: This model of sofa is another name for luxury. The sofa’s back reclines back while it raises in the front, allowing you to stretch your legs in comfort. A mechanical lever button is provided on the side of the sofa for convenience. These sofas are available in different materials, most preferred being leather, half leather, and suede.
  3. Chesterfield Sofa: Traditionally inspired by the 18th-century models, this sofa design has hard-wearing leather with a low back, scrolling arms, and a high seat. The curves of this sofa set design render it a sophisticated look.
  4.  Cabriole sofa: This sofa design is also known as an open cup model. The lower portion curves inward giving it a semi-closed look. The back of the sofa is high and has curved legs.

Now that you are familiar with some of the most loved styles of sofa sets, we recommend that you pick the model and material that compliments your overall space.


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