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Learning and seeking education is a big deal for every nation, and they want to apply the best and most effective method to teach students the best out of anything. It is a matter of fact that learning is depending on the environment and the opportunity given to those students who are willing to take education very seriously. If students get the widest and broadest opportunities and facilities to gain the best they could, they will surely do something out of the box similarly, if the potential students did not get any support or opportunity to get the education which helps them to develop their skills and abilities, they will more likely to suffer to get the learning or most probably travel to abroad to fulfill their needs and wants, but this option is still unapproachable for the students who cannot afford such traveling.

Secondly, students should learn the present and future aspects; for example, the course and syllabus should have variations about the present changes and future improvements to get the idea of future services. The methods to measure the learning of the students can be a direct and indirect method that can be used by educators. For instance, the direct method could be quizzes, homework, reports, exams, research projects, essays, rubrics, and case study analysis and also oral performances, etc., whereas indirect measures include a student survey, course evaluations, major’s retention, course enrolment information, rates of graduate school placement, and alumni surveys.


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Main Approaches That Can Help To Measure the Learning of the Student

Summative Assessment: to measure the performance of the student, quizzes, tests, and other activities must be a good option. At the end of the course or unit, it will help to cumulate and reveal the progress of the students. The grades of an individual student can be calculated through Summative assessment.

Formative Assessment: to improve the grades and progress of the student, this assessment means getting guiding feedbacks and receive input to the relatable problem.  This assessment can be performing through emails, rubrics, office hours and can be provided in written feedbacks on the given assignments. This assessment can be used on a daily basis and help to reveal the learning and progress during the course premises, and teachers get benefits to improve the teaching techniques accordingly. Teachers are more focusing on the student by providing space to ask anything about the topic or course at the end of every class, and this activity gets systematic now that it is more convenient for the students and teachers as well. Teachers joy down the most asked question and the important point which need more elaboration, on the index card as a reminder for the next class. Teachers identify the next step by collecting reviews and feedback from the students about their understanding and insight retained.

Another convenient and fruitful option is that ask a student about their learning and prepare a report about it and also ask them to rate and compare their progress and learning after the premises ends and examine themself by comparing the knowledge before course completion and after the course ended and write a report about it.


Measurement of the Learning of the Student Considerations

The more considerable measurements for the progress and learning of the student are:

Identify if the method to get the measurement of the learning is necessary of not

Should use all the measurement techniques such as direct assessment, indirect assessment, summative assessment, and formative assessment.

Before applying any assessment, check the time reasonability and sustainability of resources for the educators as well as for the students—for instance, the time of response, the methods, and grading. Evaluate the timings in which students accomplish their assignments.

Provide a mid-semester survey to students to analyze the on-going progress and learning of the students till the middle of the course to predict the next step for teaching.

Final results are the main source to identify the learning of the students and the area of improvement also revealed. Educators got to know which topic or course needs more attention, which student needs a revision of the course, realignment of the weak assignments, improvement in teaching methods where needed, change the assessment method to get more desirable results, and also new techniques of learning can also be introduced.


How to Measure the Learning?

By getting the answers to the following question, learning can be measured.

The intrinsic value of knowledge acquired, clarifications, performances, attainment, skill development.

How exams relatable to homework and other problems?

What are forms used in the course to indicate the learning?

How improvement took place with the help of feedback?

Did the assignment come up with the outcomes teachers needed?

Written assignments were capable enough to develop the skill and ability of the student and gave a desirable outcome?

Did assignments were helpfully affecting the progress and own working of the students positively?

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