Enhancing your plant environment by commissioning a bespoke cleanroom for your industrial application.

bespoke cleanroom

Installing a cleanroom that is specific to your industry and usage will underpin the long-term safety and quality of your practises. Whether you’re in nanotechnology, military applications or aerospace, your aim is to mitigate contamination and to do this you will need to employ a reputable industry leader that can fit a cleanroom to your needs as well as the industry standard – ISO 14644.

The ongoing maintenance, operation and control of a bespoke cleanroom are as vital to long term quality control as the initial fitting. This is where experience as well as locality provide an inordinate amount of value to your operations. DRYSYS are a Melbourne based company with over 10 years’ experience in compliance, delivery and maintenance of cleanrooms that boast a healthy reputation as an industry leader. The importance of their locality is seen through the added value of on-request training to keep pace with new requirements ranging from industry regulations to modifications for new products.

Bespoke design goes a step further. 

For all the intricacies and regulations comprising cleanrooms, it’s easy to think they’re immune to generic design. Consider the specifications around cleaning protocols, heat loads and humidity for your industry versus the requirements of disparate one. Even the slightest modification in temperature can affect the risk of contamination therefore a bespoke design that provides ongoing maintenance and support is imperative to the long-term replicability of quality and safety for your product and industry. This is why it’s key to design your cleanroom to fit into good manufacturing practice (GMP) requirements and individually create your product to fit your specific cleaning protocols, product and personnel flow.

There are also different types of cleanrooms. DRYSYS are experts in Modular cleanrooms, soft wall, hard wall and hybrid cleanrooms. Where hard walls retain higher pressure differentials to prevent particulate intrusion and soft wall complies with the simpler need of a more standard enclosed environment, DRYSYS take pride in knowing the difference, providing assurance of materials and fittings to ensure optimisation for your business. 

There are professionals and there are experts. When dealing with the health of your people as well as the distribution of your product to the wider market, knowing you’re in the hands of the industry leaders displays a high level of care and protection for your team on a daily basis. It is also a tangible way to exceed OH&S and industry standards to bolster the reputation of your company.

Employing a reputable and local manufacturer with no reliance on international supply chain delays or bureaucracy ensures the impenetrable quality of training, operation, maintenance and supervision of your clean room. DRYSYS provides onsite training and in the event a staff member has a question pertaining to the clean room protocols, they can rely on real-time responses and onboarding support that invariably results in safer usage of the clean room.

A bespoke clean room comes with specialised training, service and safety. For any business with aspirations of becoming industry leaders, the first step would be to employ one. DRYSYS continue to add to their impeccable reputation by responding to the specific needs of all industries looking to improve the cleanroom services and provide the most immediate and knowledgeable pre- and post-sales support available.

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