Perfect drugstore brands offering affordable makeup products

 Perfect drugstore brands offering affordable makeup products

Fancy skin care products can be overwhelming. They drain your pocket and sometimes may have underwhelming results. It is not always necessary to break your bank just to look your best. After all, once the external elements such as packaging, fragrance, and brand name are overlooked, the efficacy of the product matters the most. There is a large market for drugstore products that can give you a final result like luxury brands. Drugstore makeup is effective, affordable, and straightforward. So here we present you a list of the best drugstore brands that are safe for your skin and won’t require you to spend too much.

#1. Lakme

India’s first and oldest cosmetic brand Lakme is a household name today. Every Indian woman has used Lakme products at least once in her lifetime. Apart from makeup, Lakme boasts of an expansive skin care collection. Ask any beautician, fashion blogger, or teenager; they will all recommend Lakme as their trusted make up source. Lakme 9 to 5 cc cream, mousse, and naturale day cream are a few of their most sought-after products. Moreover, Lakme foundation is widely lauded for being smooth and offering full coverage.

#2. Maybelline New York

Maybelline is incredibly popular among college-goers and corporate women. People love this brand for its line of skin-friendly products that are suitable for sensitive skin as well. Maybelline products are amazingly affordable and offer reliable results. The brand is specifically renowned for its range of lipstick variants which are available in matte, cream, and gloss finishes. This brand is perfect for everyday makeup due to its wide range of products at an affordable price point.

#3. Biotique

If you are in search of an organic and mild makeup brand, Biotique is your go-to option. Made from botanical extracts, Biotique products are dermatologically tested for safety. The range of products offered by Biotique includes makeup, hair care, skin care, and other body care products specially curated for specific skin needs. Biotique make-up essentials are suitable for all skin types as they lack preservatives and chemical ingredients. The unique formula these products have works to rejuvenate your skin naturally. Therefore, you can always have peace of mind using them.

#4.  Elle 18

Elle 18 makeup products are trending right now. They are super affordable; right from primer makeup to eyeliner, this brand has got you covered for everything. Without splurging much, one can purchase premium makeup essentials. Some of the popular favourites from this brand include Elle 18 colour bomb lip shades and nail colours. Elle 18 products have a lightweight formula that makes it easier for you to use them on an everyday basis.

Wrap Up

Drugstore makeup brands have a large user base and have been the go-to choice of all women who do not wish to splurge large amounts of money on beauty products. The bottom line is that many such affordable products are available for you to experiment with and use every day. The next time you’re in the market to buy makeup, don’t forget to check out these trustworthy and effective brands for all your beauty needs.


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